STAY AWAY FROM US HOMELESS SOUL ( A scare crow that is intended to chase away the wandering souls of the dead, disease or thieves


So, Why a Homestay

Homestays are for the naturally curious, intellectual adventurers with a bit of grit in their souls.   An oasis of sanity in the wilderness of urban development, five star hotels and cement sterility,  homestays are rarely promoted by official agencies, who would prefer that you spend $200-$500 per day in specially bench marked luxury resorts.  Your introduction to Cambodian society will be restricted to waiters, servants, bartenders, hotel maids, the occasional tuk tuk drivers and canned speech guides with possibly a bar girl or two thrown in. 

 This trend which I can Singaporeanization is especially pronounced in Cambodia, but as the wealth of S.E. Asia becomes accessible to the few it is happening in other Asian countries as well.  The end result is a pasteurisation of the visitors experience.  In short, if you look at a landscape and think "I've seen it all before except for the palm trees", you probably have.  


On the other hand at a homestay you might see something you never would have imagined you would see, because you chose to enter into "their"world.  Here's a video a lucky guest took of a wedding ceremony- "The Passing of the Candles. 






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